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Thought I would share a post today about what's been happening around the Parys household, since I haven't been super-post-y lately....

Me, wearing a SWEATER at the end of May!!
The weather has been utterly depressing, but
I think we are finally over the worst of it!

Poor Hunter still has 3 days of school next week!!  WTH??  Pretty much everyone I know is done, and it stinks that she isn't quite finished yet, but what can you do!!??

Here was Hunter all dressed up for her Jr. Prom-

She had a blast!!  It was so nice that they have the wonderful
new school to have these functions at now!
Teacher gifts!!!
I actually had them ready ahead of time!!

Maddie's last day was this past Wednesday!!
She has made the brave decision to switch schools next year,
so I thought a little ice cream would help with the
fact she had to say goodbye to a lot of her friends.

We are also celebrating Maddie making it onto the Storm Select 
Soccer team!!  There were a million girls there, but she
really got out there and showed them how hard she works!!
Totally paid off!!!
Nothing like having Fall soccer tryouts just as softball practice has started!
(it was a tough week!!)

Memorial weekend offered us windows of decent weather, and we
took advantage of it by working our butts off on our yard!
We have been here about 2 months now, and didn't know what to expect
when things started blooming.
I should have taken a before picture, because there were literally 15
bushes in the front yard.
Over half were dead, and the others had never been trimmed a day in their life!
What we accomplished-
Planted a lot of new stuff that is hard to see right now,
but trust me, it's a million times better!

And I even managed to quickly put these cards together for my nieces' 
birthday party!!
(stamps are TGF)

Whew, I think that's most of it....

Hope you all are having a fantastic start to your Summer!!

Thanks for stopping by!!



  1. love the cards you made and the photo sharing! we've been lucky, our weather has been nice here.

  2. You've been very busy...love the landscaping! It's raining and 48 degrees by us right now...sweatshirt weather, blah! Awesome teacher's gifts and cards...your TGF images are getting a workout! A great post, TFS!

  3. Dang girl!!! You have been super BUSY!! Glad you and the fam are doing AWESOME!! :)

  4. you all are so funny... I love that your wearing a sweater still.. I know I know some days I am freezing too..

    Are you going to come out next weekend?

  5. Love the pics - thanks for sharing. You've been super busy! Love the sweet cards too. Our weather also sucks. I had on a sweatshirt yesterday cause I was freezing - don't think today is going to be any better.

  6. Yay for the updates, and the pics. Glad you and your family are finally able to settle in and enjoy some time together. The girls are growing so quickly! Looks like you're gonna have a busy summer!
    Adorable cards!! love those designs and fairies.


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