The Wait Is Over!!

Warning- Picture Heavy Post!!

Many of you know that I have recently moved to a new house!
You also may have seen my old craftroom that I basically lived 
in on a daily basis-
This was the room in it's infancy, I had way more crap in there
when all was said and done.

Can you see it now???

How 'bout now??

Maybe now???!!!


Here's my new craftroom!
(and the rest of the house!)
I am a terrible picture taker- so bear with me.
I really love the color I painted my craftroom,
it's Rainwashed from Sherwin Williams.

 Yes, I have TWO Ikea carts.

Love this flooring!!  It's vinyl planking, and it's
the easiest flooring to lay!  I had this in my old room,
and it really held up to my abuse!
This time I opted for a more white-washed look.
Next to my craftroom is Hunter's room.

 It was one of the smaller rooms, but it has it's
own bathroom!!!  Score!!
She is not my girly girl, she likes all things
skater, superhero, gaming, etc.... 

This is the upstairs loft that we have set up as
a tv/game room. 

This is Maddie's bathroom!  
It's really a shame that Maddie is so shy. 

Love the plush purple bed we found for her!! 
Master bedroom.  Yes, my walls are very bare in some
rooms, I am still working on it! 
You can't tell from the pics, but the back wall where
the windows are was painted in Sherwin Williams 
Sea Salt.  (another color I love!!) 

Let's go downstairs! 
We had wood put in on the main level, and I 
absolutely love the color we picked!!
 (the "formal" rooms)
With a husband, two kids, and two dogs, carpet is not my friend! 

Chris's office.
(it's a work in progress)

Living room.
This couch barely fit in my last house, and now
it almost looks puny!
I am not thrilled about black appliances, but
it's a great kitchen!
 (please ignore the over-flowing trash can.)  ;)

It's hard to tell, but these two rooms are open to each other. 
The view from my back yard. 
We also have a walk-out basement, but it's a hot mess right now.

Hope you liked the tour of the new house!!  We are so happy here!!  

Thanks for stopping by!!



  1. Your new home is beautiful! I am envious of your craft room! The floor is gorgeous! May you make many beautiful memories in your new home!

  2. You are TOO FUNNY.. oh my word I was totally laughing.. Your CR is awesome.. love your floors and your house is just perfect. I see your daughter has your sense of humor.. lol

  3. Love your new home - it's beautiful! I am envious of that craft room - can I come craft with you?

  4. Congrats on your new home, it looks like a great place to start new memories! Love the color in your craft room, it's perfect for creating, and the vinyl planking is a great idea! Loved the cameo too! 😃

  5. Beautiful home! Your craft room looks amazing! No wonder you create such gorgeous projects!

  6. OMGosh Rachel I LOVE your room and house!! It is all so organized!!! Can you come to my house and help me!!! Love the colors you picked!!! The kids' rooms are so fun colorful and!!!

  7. Beautiful! I love how open it is and how it all flows together. Your craft room is a dream! Yay you! :)

  8. Rachel in one word your new house is FANTASTIC! Love the light you have in all rooms, great taste of decorating and you craftroom looks super organized with all that space. Congratulations!!
    hUGS Blankina

  9. Your new home is wonderful Rachel, and you craft room, WOWZERS!!!!
    Hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  10. wow! i love it! i could hang out in your craft room forever!

  11. Rachel, your craft room is absolutely beautiful and I see you've saved a seat for me! haha I love seeing crafty spaces and yours really is a haven. The rest of your house is gorgeous! I dream of having a sitting room in the master bedroom some day. Love!

  12. Wowee! This is a great looking house and all that space is soo cool!! Loved seeing you and the pictures of your craft cave. Love how it's light and the colors are pretty. Very serene. Congratulations, I'm sure you'll make it even homier real soon. TFS!!


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