True Story

I have a card I wanted to share today that I had made for one of Hunter's teachers.  She was new to the school this year, and Hunter totally loved her!  She was even from Canada, which is right up Hunter's alley! (totally obsessed with Canada, don't know why...)  I had plenty of notice to get this done, and I was really happy with the end result.  She never got it.  Nope, totally spaced it.  We even talked about it the night before, and planned on having it all ready to go in the morning.  Epic fail.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened, and I am sure it won't be the last.  It's the thought that counts, right???  lol!

Good thing is, we hadn't written anything in it yet, so I can use it in the future for somebody else.

Here it is-

This is Pure Innocence Waterlily, and the sentiment
is from PI Carnation.

Yep, even made a box envelope for it!!

Oh well, live and learn!  Hunter says she gave her a big hug, and truth be told, that's all she probably wanted.

Well, now that the Thanksgiving season is over, it's time to focus on Christmas!!!  I have seen so many of the stamp/paper companies moving on to Valentine's Day, but I am not ready for that!  You will see nothing but Christmas fun on my blog for the next couple of weeks!!  lol!  

Time for me to dig out the tree and lights!!  I hope all of you have a great weekend!!

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  1. Awww, what a very sweet card - I'm sure whoever you choose (eventually!) to send it to will love it!

  2. aww, it is the thought that counts! lovely card and box too! i love christmas! wondering how to squeeze everything into the short amount of time we have.

  3. awww, definitely the thought that counts. she would have loved this card too. It's adorable! and a box envelope? She would have swooned!
    I wish they would let us get done with one holiday before they start advertising for another that's months away! hahaha
    It's 80*+ here in LA, not sure how Christmassy it will be in this part of the globe, but I'm gonna do my best. hahaha..
    Have fun trimming the tree!

  4. So the colors on this sweet card. Nice envelope too!
    We just got our tree and lights up, now we need to decorate it. One holiday at at time please!

  5. aww this is just so totally cute.. I love it

  6. This is so pretty and sweet. Love the image and of course your coloring is always amazing.


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