A Boy & His Dog

I think we are all waking up with what I like to call a "Halloween Hangover".  It doesn't necessarily mean you drank too much last night, it just means that after weeks of prep, all the anticipation, and the actual moment of celebrating have sucked your will to live right out of you!  lol!  (especially those of us with young kiddos!)  The school parties are nothing like when I was a kid.  We had to provide a healthy breakfast, and any candy/treat bags could not be passed out until school was over. (which was a huge drag after Maddie and I spent hours making 30 bags!!)  All in all though, I think it was a pretty good day!

Today is Maddie's last game of the Fall soccer season, and it's a bittersweet moment.  As much as I enjoy watching her play, I will not miss the 3 practice nights every week.  Hunter will also be glad that we are not dragging her to games every Saturday! (ughhh....16 year olds.)

Today I am sharing a card using the Puppy Love stamp from The Greeting Farm.  He was one of the Super Secret Stamp club stamps, but is now in the shop for you to purchase individually.

I love this boy stamp!!  All of my nephews have dogs, so this
stamp will really come in handy!

I haven't colored any black hair in a while.  If you don't do it right,
they just look like an old person!  lol!  I also tried to give the pup
some brush marks to look a bit more like fur. (not sure if this was
totally successful!)

Love this paper pad from Fancy Pants!!
Be Different
Be Different 6x6 Paper Pad Fancy Pants
They have it over at Paper Issues!
That is where I have been doing a ton of my
crafty shopping lately!

That's all from me today, got a big game to get to!!

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  1. His black hair is fantastic and the pup is definately furry, LOVE the banner!
    I had to giggle from your post title....there was a movie in the 70's called A Boy and His Dog starring Don Johnson....not nearly as sweet as your duo.

  2. cute and cute! love the hair and fur! yes, it's always nice when a big event is done with. now i can sit back and eat all the chocolate!

  3. What a lovely card Rachel. fabulous colouring
    hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  4. Great card Rachel, love the hair and fur. Glad you all had a good Halloween.

    Donna x

  5. wouw super pretty blog, love your cards a lot!!

  6. Awesomely cute card Rachel! The fur looks terrific! I love this layout and all the fun papers you chose.
    It's a bummer how Halloween and other celebrations in schools have changed. I bet the kids love the bags even if they couldn't get them until after class.

  7. Oh my this is sooooooooooo darn cute!!!!! I love it!!!!
    hugs, Heidi


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