Spring Eternal


We have officially made it to Spring!!
And although it may not feel totally "Spring-y", you get a renewed
hope of warmer weather to come!!

Being in the Spring mood helped give me the idea for a project!
I was going for the whole "snow globe" effect, sans water....
Here's what I came up with!!

And here's how I did this!

First of all- eat something from a big jar! (thinking this was spaghetti
sauce, or something along those lines.)
Clean your jar of all food, paper, glue, etc.
I actually painted the outside and inside of my lid white
in case any of it peeked through.

Then you need to color!!
(love that set!)
Once you have your images colored, you need to gather
a serious amount of hot glue and your gun!!
(I think I went through two sticks!)
Now grab yourself some toothpicks!
I taped/glue dotted the toothpicks to the backs of my images.
I left the rather blunt end to be glued to my lid base.

I made sure that I gave my images enough height to clear
the narrow neck portion of the bottle.
One picture I neglected to take, was of the felt I cut to cover the 
inside of the lid, and my mountains of glue!!
I also glued down some iridescent Easter grass too.
You can see the inside bottom a little here.
I made two patterned paper flowers with brads in
the center to glue down on top of the "grass".
I also added another stick behind her with a flag and a cute
flair badge for a little personality!

I finished it up with some ribbon, a bow, and a small flower charm.

Hope I have gotten your Spring-time mojo going!!
This was a fun project, and it gave me ideas for many others!

Thanks for stopping by!!



  1. wow this is AWESOME.. what a fun idea.. always so creative.. I must try this..

  2. Wow Rachel, this is so gorgeous. I love this idea - thanks for sharing :)

  3. This is so sweet! Great tutorial! Now I must go eat a big jar of something!

  4. Totally adorable, Rachel!! Love how this turned out!! Such a fun project!

  5. Hi sweetie this is so gorgeous, huggles Pops x x x

  6. Oh my, so adorable! You know I love step by step directions and I love your tutorial, picture perfect!

  7. Ohhh my goomie!
    This is amazing!
    Don't really have any words.. I can't stop looking at it! xo

  8. WOW! Thanks for walking us through the steps of how you made this, Rach! It's gorgeous and perfect for spring.


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