Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!

Ready to see who won the blog candy??

Here it is!!

Comment #2-
Annette Allen!!!

Whoop Whoop!!!

Email me your address little lady!!

Now, for your Christmas viewing pleasure...

Squeee!!  Could Beanie Ian be any cuter!!??

Love this die set from TE!!  Birch Tree Accessories.
I cut the deer and owl out of white paper, then sprayed them
The birch trees are from my Cameo. 

This was a quick Xmas card album that I threw together for my aunt.
It was much cuter than this, I added ribbons and some other things,
but forgot to take another pic!  lol!

The girls decorating the Christmas tree a couple weeks ago.

Chris's Christmas light job on the house this year!

Some projects for Maddie's Christmas party at school.
Can you guess the theme?? 
The tickets and Train/tracks were made on my Cameo.
I put the words in the middle of the tickets myself.
My crafty bestie and I are going to make this party
The Bomb!!

More of these will be happening this weekend!!
Along with the increasing size of my rear!!  lol!

My baby all set for her Christmas show performance!!

My newest snack love this Christmas!!
(seriously, to die for!!)

Ok, sorry for the over-share!  lol!
These are some of the pictures that I will be putting in
my December daily.  (no, I haven't started, but I have plenty of pics!!)

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!!


  1. Sweet pics Rachel. And yes, we will rock that door!!

  2. Love love love the Beanie Ian card!! Birch tree card is awesome! Great pics of Christmas was a great bonus plus too. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  3. Wow, you gave been busy! Love all that you showed- the cards are fantastic! Hope you have great holidays!

  4. what a sweet surprise and awesome post... love all your Christmas goodies.. your house looks awesome and your kids are just so adorable.. LOVE those cards of course..

    Sorry I have not been around much.. just started a new job.. been crazy girl.. :)

  5. Looks you are ready for Christmas Rachel, great pics ( your girl is so pretty!! )and all your creations are excellent,

    Hugs Blankina

  6. Congrats, Annette! Rach -- your house is so decked out, I love it! It looks magical. :) Your girls are gorgeous and those cookies are calling my name... nom nom!

  7. Beautiful cards Rachel and that Beanie Ian is too sweet! Love the photos you've shared - your daughters are so beautiful! And that new snack of yours looks delish. I'm telling myself not to look for it the next time I'm grocery shopping ... we'll see how that goes lol!

  8. Eeek! I love all the sharing!! Gorgeous cards and album my friend :) Love all the Christmas lights and beautiful tree and I'm totally going to have to try some of those toffee pretzels (why do I get the feeling you're going to be responsible for a new downfall of mine, lol). Hugs to you!

  9. Wohoo! What a fun post!!! Feeling the X-mas spirit right now!! :)
    What a fun new X-mas card!! Love your coloring and the design!!
    PS: those cookies look so delicious!!


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