Something different.

In light of the upcoming holiday, I will be posting some Xmas cheer, but not really saying much.  Everyone is super busy, but I had just a few more cards to share.

Happy Holidays to all of my bloggy friends!!  I have made connections with people all around the world, and for that I am truly grateful.  I am going to go enjoy the heck out of my family, eat lots of food (mostly sugary kinds), have a few drinky-poos, and see you all in about a week.

MWAHHH!!  Hugs and kisses for everyone!

 Some Odd Girl Winter Friends set.

And..SOG Ornament Tia.


  1. Beautiful card and tag Rachel. I'm so glad I met you! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. gorgeous cards.. I seen that you are hoarding your own cards on FB..hehe.. I do the same thing.. These are awesome cards..

    Merry Christmas my friend..

  3. Beautiful creations Rachel! Enjoy your week of over indulging- it's what the holidays are for!!! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! Looking forward to your creations in the new year!

  4. hahaha, your post made me laugh. i hope to be eating lots of sugary stuff too! have a wonderful christmas!

  5. Hi Rachel, your bear card is sooooo cute!!
    Best wishes to you and family..glad to be one of your blogging friends.

    Hugs Blankina

  6. Adorable cards!
    Enjoy your holidays, sugary treats and drinks....Merry Christmas!

  7. These are such sweet cards! Just darling!!

  8. I won't tell! I get like that with cards too. It's rare, but I do. Both of these are fab. Have a wonderful Christmas. X

  9. I never sent out Christmas card this year *egads* maybe next year.. lol Love your creations, soo gorj and brings a huge smile to my face!! So happy I met you Rachel, you are such a sweet gal!


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