Funny Story...

One of the next cards that I am posting included a huge faux pas on my part that I know we have all experienced at one time or another.  If you follow me on Instagram, you already know, but the cute little snowman below was all finished up and ready to find a home, when I suddenly realized that he was attached to the back of the card!  Whoops!  Dang it, now I have to chop off the back and reattach him to a card the correct way!  Kind of funny now, but when you are in a hurry trying to get Christmas stuff done, not so funny.  ;)

Awww, he's too cute to be a trouble-maker.
This snowman is from the Keep Cozy set from

This tree is from the Clear Christmas set from

Everything is done, and is just waiting to be mailed.  Normally I have everything out by now, but Hunter needed picture re-takes, and since I usually put the girls' pictures in my cards, I have had to wait. (don't know if I will wait much longer...)  I used some Epsom salt for the fake snow on the first card.  It's amazing how real that stuff looks in craft projects!  

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  1. I think we've all glued something down in the wrong place at one time or another, lol! This little guy is just too cute...I love this set.

  2. They're both gorgeous Rachel but that snowman is my fave! I absolutely love all snowmen. Uh, putting the image on the back of the card ... well, been there done that. I've also put them on upside down ;)

  3. so cute! love that paper on your snowman card!

  4. I'm not laughing, Rachel, promise! I've done that - normally I've got the card upside down, lol!!

    Gorgeous cards - the layouts and matting so gorgeous!

  5. hahah yes I have had many mistakes like this!! But it looks sooo cute though - love how adorable he is! Your layouts are always so lovely :)

  6. Morning sweetie, ohh these are both just gorgeous huggles Pops x x x

  7. He is totally cute for sure and I wouldn't have pegged him as the trouble making kind. Hehe. Gorgeous work my friend on both cards!

  8. Oh yeah, it's happened more than a few times and its always when I'm in a rush. Lol. Super adorable card Rachael!!!

  9. Totally cute!! Epsom salt? Genius!!
    Your cards make me smile and I had a good chuckly about the first card and your faux pas. lol.


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