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I'd like to introduce the new series at Yumi & Fumi Handcrafts, we're calling them..


You might be wondering what is KIGURUMI?  Well I looked it up online and found this pretty awesome description from an Anime Cosplay Shopper Blog

I'll give you some of the definition, a couple of links so that you can read the whole concept and see some real Kigurumi costumes. 

What Is Kigurumi?  (Key-gu-ru-mee)

 A type of cosplay that employs a full body suit, similar to a fur suit. It is most commonly used with animal costumes but can also be worn to emulate people, mechs, mascots, etc. Kigurumi are dressed in character from head to toe. They usually wear masks that encompass their entire head rather than just their face. Characters like Mickey Mouse from Disneyland and Barney from Barney the Dinosaur are referred to as Kigurumi in Japan.

Kigurumi is a part of Japanese culture, which represents performing people who dress up like popular cartoon characters. The word is actually a combination of the Japanese words kiru (to wear) and nuigurumi (stuffed toy). Often seen in places like anime conventions, theme parks and even shopping malls, a kigurumi costume always adds to the festivity of the occasion. Even from American culture, things like football mascots and Winnie the Pooh can be worn and considered kigurumi suits. There is no limit, in fact, to the amount of things a kigurumi costume can be. Their range often includes:
■Pikachu ■Hello Kitty ■Winnie the Pooh ■Anime characters ■Animals
 So, without further ado, here's the fun new kiddos all dressed up and ready to play!

 This is Fumi Panda!
skin- E02, E21, E51, E11 eyes- G12, G14 hair- E43, E44, E47 
panda suit- N0, N2, N4, N6, N8, BG000

 Here is Chasezilla!
skin- E21, E02, E11, E51 tongue- R22, R24 eyes/brows- N4, N8 eyes- B21, B24 Godzilla body- YG95, YG97 Godzilla eyes- Y11, Y15, Y17 scales- Y26, Y28

 Hello to little miss Yumicorn!
skin- E02, E11, E51, E21 hair- N4, N6, N8 eyes- B00, B02, B04 unicorn suit- BG000, N0, N2 ears, feet, wings, hair on unicorn- R81, R85 horn RV91 & Pink Spica Glitter Pen

And he's no coward, it's AJ the Lion!
skin- E02, E51, E11, E21, R01 eyes/hair- E53, E23, E25 lion ears- R20, R22 lion suit- Y15, Y19, Y28, YR31

 Kawaii yea?  Were you expecting such cuteness?  We were, and as you can see perfect for the upcoming Halloween holiday. 
They will be available in the store on Monday, 9/24.
Let us know what you think and don't forget to visit these talented ladies on their blogs:
and guest Kathy
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Have a great weekend!!


  1. Aww, these are so cute Rachel. I love these little outfits they're wearing and you're right - so perfect for Halloween. I've really got to quit visiting your blog cause you make me spend money on new digis lol!

  2. so cute! and finally it's saturday! i loved waking up thinking what day is it and realizing it's saturday!

  3. Fabulous fun, Rachel!! These guys are so SWEET and I love what you've done with them honey!

  4. Hi Rachel

    I love all of these cards... can't decide on my favourite!! Not heard of Kigurumi before.. interesting to read about it!

    Christine x

  5. Awww rachel these are adorable!!!! Love them! I think I like the dinosaur one best...hehehe gorgeous work as always :D

  6. Hi sweetie, these are just adorable fantastic work sweetie, huggles Pops x x x

  7. Oh-kay! These are so cute and so fun and you totally rock!! The sentiments are so perfect for each one I just can't stop smiling!! Thanks for crafting-out these fantastic creations!! Everyone at the Sac show that stopped by loved them!


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