It is super windy here in Colorado today!  I HATE wind!  It always happens on a good hair day too, right!?

I got the most gorgeous happy mail yesterday!!!!  It was so pretty, I didn't even want to open it up! 

 That ticket stub in the middle, that's gonna be my big winner at this summer's CHA!

Yep, got me some cutie patootie Some Odd Girl stamps!  If you haven't checked out SOG yet, you really should.  They also have digital stamps for those of us who need instant gratification!! ;p  To learn more about my raffle ticket and CHA, go here!  Can't wait to use these beauties!

As for my Easter basket project I started, well I finally finished. (literally just now!)  They are small, but with all of the grandmas & grandpas, and aunts & uncles, the Easter bunny, etc., I think they hold just enough.

For those of you who may have missed the first pics, these little bunnies are from The Greeting Farm's Lucky Bunnies set.  It's a really great set that I recommend.  You can use it for so many different things!

Better go get the kiddos from school!  Hopefully I will sneak one more post in sometime this weekend...maybe.

And don't forget to check out Tiddly Inks!  They have yet another cute little Wryn for you to drool over!!!!


  1. Woo! I got mine yesterday, too. I'm number 8! :) Now I have 2 gorgeous clear sets waiting to be inked up. They look all shiny like candy. lol

    Your baskets really are darling! Everyone is going to love them. Happy Easter, sweets!

    Annie Rose

  2. We all must have gotten ours yesterday. I'm #11. Maybe I should go play now...cute bunny baskets!

  3. Loving these easter baskets! Please drop some off over at my house LOL! And woohoo about some odd girl...I received my order this week too :D

  4. Hi Rachel. It looks like it was worth the wind. lol... Great happy mail. I want to get me some of the Some Odd Girl stamps, but for now I have to wait. She really knows how to pack a package. I see that you got your first ticket for CHA from her. Good luck, I watched her YouTube video on it and I think it is a great and fun idea for everyone. Hope you are having a great start to your Easter weekend. Hugs, Lisa
    oh, BTW... Thanks so much for always coming over and commenting on my little blog. It truly makes my day when I get home from work.
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. Such gorgeous little easter bags hun they are lush.

    Happy easter.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  6. I said the same exact thing when I got my first order from SOG! Doesn't it make you feel extra special that Kristy did such a small but memorable thing? I love it as much as getting her stamps. Lucky girl, hope you win the big prize!! :)
    Sweet, sweet baskets, and look at all those goodies. I already feel the cavities coming on just looking at them. hahaha. How wonderful you are to share such lovely baskets, your family is very lucky!

  7. Lucky you!! Are any of these basket's for me?? haha their sooooo cute!!

  8. Hi Rachel

    Oh wow, I don't think I would have wanted to open that package either! And I can feel my credit card groan, just looking at those fab stamps...

    Love your baskets..... fabulous creations!

    Christine x

  9. I love how they wrapped the Some Odd Girl Stamps...so pretty! And your Easter baskets look gorgeous!! I bet the girls loved them. I love Easter.
    Alicia xx


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