Sweet Recognition

I just received the sweetest award from my friend Grace over at Sugar Cards!  She is a fellow blogger/card maker, and she is always amazing me with her gorgeous creations!  If you haven't been to her blog, you really need to check it out!

Thanks Grace!

These awards give small bloggers with less than 200 followers some well deserved recognition for their creations. Here are the rules:

Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
  • Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.
  • Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.
  • Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed.
  • Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog.
here are the 5 blogs that I LOVE and want to present with the Liebster Blog Award
(that I follow and have less than 200 followers)

Annie Rose- http://annierosemakesthings.blogspot.com/

April- http://mousekemom.blogspot.com/

Emily Martina- http://beansscrapsandsheep.blogspot.com/

Blankina- http://blankinacreations.blogspot.com/

Eva- http://craftingthisandthat.blogspot.com/

These are some of my all-time favs!  I hope that you will join me in accepting the Liebster Blog award!


  1. Aww thanks Rachel! I've posted it on my blog proudly. :) You're the sweetest!

    -Annie Rose

  2. hi rachel! thanks so much for the sweet award!! i'll post it on my blog.

  3. Thanks Rachel, I am happy that I am one of your 5 favourites...I will show it off on my blog placing the blogaward with a link to yours!!
    Have a nice Valentine's Day!!


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