Drum Roll Please!

I never thought the day would come!  Two months of grueling weekends, and many sore muscles later, we have finally finished the work on our basement!  We now have a wonderful family room, a huge bathroom, and most importantly.... MY VERY OWN CRAFT ROOM!!!!!  I tried to put a lot of thought into what I wanted my room to look like, and what I would put in that room to use it to it's fullest capacity.  Here's what I came up with!

Double doors

No carpet, for easy clean up!

Huge surface to work on.

A little nook for sewing.

Two pendant lights for optimal lighting.

I found the idea for this craft table here!

And I have to give a huge THANKS to my brother, without him, none of this would have been possible!  Thank you for everything, Jason.

Now, let's see what i can make in this awesome craft room!

Feel free to share any ideas you may have used in your craft room to make a little easier!


  1. Hey Rachel! Found your blog thru the TGF newsletter-and am now delighted to be following along....

    I'm loving your new craft space & am super jealous :) xx

  2. Oh Rachel... I love your new room. It looks like it would be worth every sore muscle you had. lol... If it was my room I would never want to leave. :O) I am sure that you are going to have a great time in there. It seems that you love The Greeting Farm stamps as much as I do. If you want some decorations for this awesome room you can stamp anyone of your favorite stamps then scan them into your computer. I then print them out on an 8x11 cardstock of Neenah. They turn out soooo cute. Have fun! Hugs, Lisa G
    Oh, btw... I love that your doors open up on your awesome family room. Two great rooms I would say.


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